About us



KESHES OUTDOORS is a small family owned business. We believe that “traditional and outdoor sports is food for the body and soul, and that being in nature helps people immensely with their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Over the years, it’s helped us too. We often take our two little girlies, a poodle and a golden retriever, up hiking on the weekends. We also teach them aiming from when they start growing up which is amazing therapy for focusing.
That’s why our mission is to make high-quality and efficiency products that make it easier for people to reconnect with themselves and nature. Whether you’re we have got you covered either to connect with nature either if you are an occasional hiker or a backcountry veteran, or with just traditional sports, we’ve created products that we ourselves use and love. We hope you like them as much as we do!
Happy outdoors!


Using only advanced premium materials, meticulous
detail and unique construction processes enable us to create technical products that can be trusted to
work in all conditions. We are guided by our passion to develop exceptional products, and driven by new ideas. We are fully committed to functionality.

Our products are lightweight, durable, impact and cold resistant. Every product is double checked during the manufacturing and production processes. We wanted an expanded customer base to be able to acquire our products. Our strategy enables the delivery of these high-end products at agreeable price points. We are dedicated to ensure the quality of our products and giving the customers best possible gear to help them enjoy the beauty and make them love the outdoor activities even more. We also make sure that the comfort level of our products is on the top tier.
KESHES brand products are the choice of professionals and should be your choice as well. Our mission is to provide high-end, top-notch outdoor sports products at the price everyone can afford.

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