KESHES Takedown Archery

KESHES Takedown Archery

Price : $14999.000000000001 - $14999.000000000001

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Much better quality than I expected for the price.

Great bow. My son loves this bow. We are going to get several more for the archery range here at On Guard Defense. Needed to replace the rest with a whisker biscuit but the simple ones work great.

We purchased a second bow of the same type. So far, our team likes this recurve bow much more than the compound Genesis bows. It just seems to be more accurate and fun to shoot!

We added an inexpensive whisker biscuit to hold the arrows better for new shooters.

Amazon Customer

Definitely worth every dollar!

I really love this new bow I love the way it shoots it’s really smooth and it’s rounded shaped riser makes it really comfortable to use. I love the part that it includes the stringer tool which makes the whole setting up my boy a breath it really took not more then three minutes. I would definitely recommend this bow it’s way cheaper then any other bow I was looking for and the quality is just amazing.